About the Sauce

“While education was my family’s pride, food was my family’s passion.  All of my sauces are inspired by traditions in my homeland, where hot sauce is enjoyed with almost every meal and is prepared with love and joy.  Fruits and vegetables are the key to these recipes, and we always picked our ingredients fresh on our farm. In Canada, I’m excited to share these authentic, healthy and top-quality sauces with you, and thereby share the flavours that have been savoured by so many past generations.”

-Alma Eno, founder of Cimra Sauce

About Alma

Shortly after my birth, a neighbour nicknamed me ‘Cimra’, which means ‘prosperity’ in my native Somalian.  The name stuck, even after my family moved to Canada in 1996 when I was a teenager. I grew up in a middle class household where education was of paramount value.  My family actually owned two private schools, and I pursued this field of study after high school, getting my Bachelor of Education.   But I’ve always had a strong inclination to set out as an entrepreneur. A few years ago I became convinced that there was a perfect opportunity to build a unique food brand from scratch. 

Today that dream is Cimra Sauce!